The suspended 2nd chord

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The suspended 2nd chord
Formula: 1 2 5
5sus2, 5sus9, sus2, sus9
Most popular root: A, D, C, B, E
Popularity: 31
Top Users:
Common Styles: Blues, Country, Folk, Jazz, Reggae

Some sus2 chord examples.
Sus means suspended. I have to admit that I have never really understood why the term suspended is used in this context, but this is not important. A major or minor chord has a third, either a major third or a minor third. The third is the note that gives the chord its character. The sus-chords have no third. Instead the sus2 has a major second. It gives a kind of open, restless sound. It is mainly used as a passing chord. The sus2 chord is a favorite of Police and U2. Sometimes you can see the sus2 chord labeled as an add9 or add2 chord. But in my opinion, this is not correct. An add chord indicates a basic chord with an added note. An add9 chord is a major chord with an added 9th. In the sus2 chord, the third is subsituted by a major 2nd. The add9 is a 4 note chord, while the sus2 is a triad. ...

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Songs using suspended 2nd chord:
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