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Lonestar chords

Songs in Mine: 2
No of Chords: 8
Most popular chords:E, A, F#m, Db, A/G#
Chord Types used: 2
Most popular chord types:Maj, m
Contemporary Country, Neo-Traditionalist Country
Artist Info, Learn to play guitar in a country style

Artwork courtesy of http://www.music-atlas.com
The members of Lonestar have no idea how many awards they have been given. At some point along the way each has lost count, which is an indication of how much Lonestar has achieved in seven years, or just what they have come to mean to American music and culture. The members of Lonestar say they feel fortunate and blessed to have received the many accolades, but they are more passionate about making music than they are about being recognized for it. Here is the highly condensed version: There is one triple platinum album ("Lonely Grill"), one double platinum ("I'm Already There"), and two golds ("Crazy Nights" and "Lonestar"). There are nine No. 1 singles ("Amazed," "I'm Already There," "What About Now," No News," "Tell Her," "Smile," "Everything's Changed," "Come Cryin' To Me," and "My Front Porch Looking In"), more than one per year. There are four awards from the Academy of Country Music, two from BMI, two Billboard Music Awards and five Grammy nominations. Further testimony to the bond that Lonestar's music has created with its fans is the fact that users of America Online voted "Amazed" the No. 1 love song of all time. Perhaps that explains why their five albums have racked up more than 8 million in cumulative sales. Many of the best songs on those albums are available in the new release "Greatest Hits--From There to Here." The album includes 13 previously released songs, including all eight No. 1 hits, and three new songs. One is a cover of "Walking in Memphis," which Lonestar long has performed only in concerts. A second new song, "I Pray," is a heartfelt ballad about enduring faith. … More

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