The minor 7th chord

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The minor 7th chord
Formula: 1 3b 5 7b
-7, m7, min7
Most popular root: A, E, D, B, G
Popularity: 34
Top Users:
Common Styles: Blues, Country, Folk, Jazz, Reggae

Some minor 7th chord examples.
If we have a minor chord and add anothter minor third on top of the stack of thirds, we get a m7 or minor 7 chord. Minor refers to the minor third in the basic minor chord. But the 7th is also a minor 7th interval. A Cm7 has the notes C-Eb-G-Bb. In the discussion of the dominant 7th chord, I have stressed that the important interval in that chord is the tritone 3-7, which in a C7 chord is E-Bb. In a m7 chord, the corresponding interval is a perfect fifth. We have a minor third, meaning that the third is a halft step lower than in the 7 chord (Eb compared to E for Cm7 and C7, but the seventh is the same, Bb in both chords). The tritone inteval has a strong leading effect, while the perfect fifth has no such effect at all. This means that the m7 cannot function in the same way as the 7. This is also the reason why we often use the V7 instead of the Vm7 as a the dominant V chord in minor, and the reason why we have harmonic minor. ...

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Songs using minor 7th chord:
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