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The 6th chord
Formula: 1 3 5 6
(add6), 6, add6, maj6
Most popular root: G, A, D, F, C
Popularity: 30
Top Users:
Common Styles: Blues, Country, Folk, Jazz, Latin

Some 6th chord examples.
The 6th chord is a major chord with an added 6th. It is a fourth note chord, with the notes 1-3-5-6. A C6 will have the notes C-E-G-A. A think of it as typical of Western Swing. It is interesting to compare the 6th and the m7 chords. If you compare C6 and Am7, you will find that both have the same notes. A C6 in root position has the notes C-E-G-A, while an Am7 in root position has A-C-E-G. The only difference is the sequence. The C6 is the same as Am7 in first inversion, while the Am7 could be a C6 in third inversion. It is sometimes difficult - if not impossible - to say if a chord really is a C6 or an Am7. It depends on the context. But if you play the 50's Cliche progression, how can you tell if it is C-Am-F6-G7 or C-Am-Dm7-G7? But if you cannot tell the difference in sound, the more theoretical aspects of chord labeling is not that interesting. But it is nice to know that you get a two in one here: If you learn the m7, then you also know how to play the 6th in the relative major,

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