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The Black Crowes chords

Songs in Mine: 6
No of Chords: 35
Most popular chords:E, A, B, G, E7
Chord Types used: 5
Most popular chord types:Maj, 5, 7, m, sus4
American Trad Rock, Hard Rock, Jam Bands, Southern Rock
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Funny thing -- when the Rolling Stones play, everybody calls it "rock 'n roll." When the Black Crowes play almost the same kind of music, everybody calls it "retro." Everybody but rock 'n' roll fans, that is. Though the Black Crowes might reverberate certain tones of Classic Rock, they never subserviently imitated their influences (even with the Jam Rock of Three Snakes & One Charm in 1996). Brothers Chris and Rich Robinson formed the band … More

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